About Us

eBag Canada is all about bringing savings to Canadians,
cause, who doesn't love great deals all year around.

What we really do?

eBag works with some of the most premium labels/brands in the world.  Bringing Canadians savings everyday from their favorite labels.  eBag bridges relationships with consumers and great deals from brands.

Our Vision

Our company vision is always consumers first.  We are working on new technologies to make consumer buying online easier, faster and more safe.  We are working side by side with some great minds and brands to provide our consumers with great experience.

History of the Company

eBag is a new company, founded in early 2017, we started researching on online buying trends, consumer behavior and developed a secret sauce to build content marketing with sales.

Cooperate with Us!

If your a brand, or a new eCommerce business wanting to get your products in front of millions of your target audience.  Contact us for solutions on how we can help you reach your market and drive sales with high ROI.

What can we do for you ?

We provide 24/7 support via email.  Please reach out to us at support@ebag.store if you have any questions.

One of the best ways to build awareness around a product is via Sponsored Posts.  We work with media companies, and over 200 influencers who reach over 100 million users on Facebook and Instagram.

We work with some of the most popular brands for consumers.  Focusing on Electronics, Home, Apparel and Accessories.